The interventions of SOFINEX address all companies, SME’s or Large Enterprises.

Geographically SOFINEX intervenes in principle for projects situated anywhere in the world.

A company wishing to benefit from assistance from SOFINEX must respect the following criteria:


Situation in Wallonia

The company must have its headquarters or operating office in Wallonia.


Ambitions for internationalization

The supported projects all share the common feature of their international dimension:

  • exports to another country
  • investments in another country
  • opening branches in other countries
  • international development

SOFINEX does not intervene for projects such as imports of foreign goods into Wallonia. Nor does SOFINEX support off-shoring or collocation: the supported projects must generate positive spin-off for economic activity and employment in Wallonia.


Financial solvency

A company is considered as being in financial difficulty when:

  • its equity capital falls below half of the authorized capital
  • the conditions of submission to a collective insolvency procedure are satisfied, in particular when the company takes recourse to a judicial reorganization procedure

A company in existence for less than three years is not considered as being in difficulty (unless it is the object of a judicial reorganization procedure)


Belonging to eligible sectors

SOFINEX products address all sectors of activity except:

  • bank, finance, insurance except “multi-brand” insurance brokers
  • real estate promotion
  • production and/or distribution of energy or water, except production of energy from renewable sources or from quality heat-power combined generation
  • education and vocational training
  • culture, except audiovisual production
  • primary production of the agricultural products listed in Annex I to the treaty on the functioning of the European Union
  • fisheries and aquaculture (“aquafarming”)
  • road transport of goods on behalf of others where the financing concerns the acquisition of heavy goods road haulage vehicles
  • naval construction.


In case of uncertainty contact us to find out whether or not your activity is included in the list of eligible sectors.