Introducing a file for Emergent countries fund

The process is flexible, simple and quick.


Introducing a file for emergent countries fund


  • You contact us direct to present your project. There is no model form or document to fill in. Below is a non-exhaustive list of information to provide:


    • A detailed presentation of your company: its historical background, shareholders, activity or activities, own technology or technologies and/or specific know-how.
    • The detailed balance sheets and income and expenditure accounts (internal balance sheets) for the past three financial years.
    • An outline of the beneficiary company (client) and its activity.
    • An outline of your offer: price, conditions of payment, profit margin, validity period, order completion times, …
    • The Walloon “return” on the offer: the number of hours worked by the personnel of the company for the completion of the order, the list of sub-contractors and/or suppliers (if any) involved in the completion of the order.
    • Target market: state of the competition, strengths and weaknesses of the Walloon product compared with the competition.


  • Our team will help you to complete your file.

  • Your file is presented to the SOFINEX Credit Committee, which meets once a month.

  • The decision is returned to you personally.