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Interested in selling capital assets in emergent countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or South America? Then be prepared to square up to very fierce competition in these areas!

SOFINEX makes your offers more attractive by allocating you a grant representing35% of the value of the associated good and services.

Spin-off for Wallonia:
SOFINEX will verify that the project is set to make a real contribution to the economic development of the country of destination and that it will generate an economic spin-off benefiting Wallonia.
35% grant:
SOFINEX subsidizes 35% of the value of the associated goods and services.
In thirty countries:
the list of “emergent countries”, classified by the OECD, is reviewed every year.
For all enterprises:
whatever their size, all Walloon enterprises stand to benefit from this grant.

To obtain this 35% grant

Simply contact us direct at the offer stage.


Example of an “emergent country” subsidy

A Walloon company submits a tender to a Vietnamese prospect for delivery of a water treatment plant. The offer amounts to 500 000 euros. The Walloon added value of the project is significant, more than 60%. The competition is already out there, among others Italian and German companies. Eager to put in a competitive bid the company contacts SOFINEX which, after due examination, grants a subsidy of 35%.
In terms of hard cash, the Vietnamese client then pays 325 000 euros (65% of the 500 000 euros) and SOFINEX pays the other 175 000 euros (35%). SOFINEX will not release that amount before receipt of proof of payment by the Vietnamese client.


Emergent countries fund

Emergent countries Fund