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As a bank or financial partner, you think that your client might benefit from SOFINEX financing? Let’s talk about it!

The advantages of pointing your client in the direction of SOFINEX are numerous. You share the risk with another partner. You help your partner to close his side of the bargain, thus perpetuating the bond of trust that you have built up over the years.

By helping your client to reach his commercial targets you make a genuine partner of yourself. SOFINEX will never come between you and your client.

Possible forms of financing by SOFINEX include:

  • Subordinated loans, unsecured debts and simple debentures and convertible bonds, whether or not guaranteed.
  • Capital shareholding: always minority and always temporary, the dates and conditions of issue are generally agreed beforehand.
  • It should however be noted that various SOFINEX products may be combined.

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SOFINEX has established outline partnership agreements with several banks. However, we are open to any new cooperation, do not hesitate to consult us.


Example of financing

Company x makes metal-fibre reinforced concrete floors. It is considering setting up a subsidiary in Australia. Its objective? Creating local jobs. The total project budget is 2.5 million euros. Company x drums up a loan of 1 million via the banks. Through its friends and acquaintances, company x drums up a further 1 million. To bridge the gap, company x enlists the services of SOFINEX, which grants a loan of 500 000 euros and places a guarantee in the order of 50% bank loan cover (Belgian bank).



Exemple of financing

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