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Your company is growing, you want to get close to your clients or take your first steps in a market by developing a subsidiary in another country? You happen to take over a foreign company, or buy into that company? You are perhaps considering going international?

Whatever your international project, SOFINEX will attend to the financial details, end to end, through arranging loans (in various forms), even including a capital shareholding.

On top of the private contribution:
SOFINEX always tops up other sources of income originating from the private sector: banks, shareholders, business angels, self-financing …
Maximum 50% of the project:
SOFINEX will contribute up to but not more than half of the total budget to be mobilized within the scope of the project.
In all countries:
in principle, all countries are concerned, exception being of course made in respect of countries placed under embargo or high-risk countries
For all companies:
regardless of their size, all eligible Walloon companies may benefit from aid from SOFINEX.

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How to obtain SOFINEX financing

By contacting us direct to outline your project or business plan.


Example of financing

Company x makes metal-fibre reinforced concrete floors. It is considering setting up a subsidiary in Australia. Its objective? Creating local jobs. The total project budget is 2.5 million euros. Company x drums up a loan of 1 million via the banks. Through its friends and acquaintances, company x drums up a further 1 million. To bridge the gap, company x enlists the services of SOFINEX, which grants a loan of 500 000 euros and places a guarantee in the order of 50% bank loan cover (Belgian bank).

Exemple of financing