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As a bank or financial partner, you think that your client might benefit from a guarantee from SOFINEX? Let’s talk about it!

The advantages of pointing your client in the direction of SOFINEX are numerous. You share the risk with another partner. You also help your client to access bank credit more easily, thus perpetuating the bond of trust that you have built up over the years.

By helping your client to reach his commercial targets you make yourself a genuine partner.

Here are just some of the financings guaranteed by SOFINEX:


  • Commercial export contract: guarantee line, disbursement line, documentary credit line …
  • Foreign investment: creation and development of a subsidiary, recovery or take-up of a shareholding in a foreign company, purchase of goodwill or a branch of activities, investment in property or movable assets, …

It should however be noted that various SOFINEX products may be combined.

SOFINEX has established outline partnership agreements with several banks. However, we are open to any new cooperation, do not hesitate to consult us.


Example of a guarantee

An opportunity presents itself to company X to take over a construction materials distribution company established in the South of France. This purchase would allow the company to reach new markets in the South of Europe and to extend its product range. The total amount for this acquisition is 500 000 euros.

The company dips into its available funds and immediately puts up 20% of the needs in connection with its foreign development. SOFINEX then supports it with a subordinated loan and through the granting of a 50% guarantee on the bank financing.

Expenditure (EUR) Sources of financing (EUR)
Amount Amount
Acquisition foreign company 500 000 Own effort (self-financing – free cash flow) 100 000 20%
SOFINEX (5-year subordinated loan) 100 000 20%
Bank (5 year-investment loan) – 50% SOFINEX guarantee 300 000 60%
Total 500 000 Total 500 000 100%