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For your commercial export contracts you are often faced with the obligation to pre-finance these contracts and to provide bank guarantees for the client.

If you are investing abroad, since the assets to be financed are situated across borders, your bank may experience difficulties financing them.
Whatever your international project, SOFINEX allows you to access bank credit more easily through granting a guarantee to reduce the risk for the bank.

Maximum 75% of the loan:
the SOFINEX guarantee covers a maximum of 75% of the loan approved by the banker.
In all countries:
in principle, all countries are concerned, except of course those under embargo or high-risk countries. Classification Credimundi
For all companies:
whatever their size, all eligible Walloon companies may benefit from a financial contribution from SOFINEX.
Supplementary guarantee:
the guarantee is activated after the provision of sureties agreed at the bank by the company within the framework of loans granted and guaranteed by SOFINEX for the project.

Guarantee to cover “commercial” credits



Guarantee to cover investment loan



How to obtain a SOFINEX guarantee

By contacting your bank direct to present your project. Your bank will analyze your application and take the necessary steps to introduce your file to SOFINEX.
However, prior contact may be made with SOFINEX.


Example of a guarantee

An opportunity presents itself to company X to take over a construction materials distribution company established in the South of France. This purchase would allow the company to reach new markets in the South of Europe and to extend its product range. The total amount for this acquisition is 500 000 euros.

The company dips into its available funds and immediately puts up 20% of the needs in connection with its foreign development. SOFINEX then supports it with a subordinated loan and through the granting of a 50% guarantee on the bank financing.

Expenditure (EUR) Sources of financing (EUR)
Amount Amount
Acquisition foreign company 500 000 Own effort (self-financing – free cash flow) 100 000 20%
SOFINEX (5-year subordinated loan) 100 000 20%
Bank (5 year-investment loan) – 50% SOFINEX guarantee 300 000 60%
Total 500 000 Total 500 000 100%