TheraVet débute ses activités aux États-Unis dans sa filiale au Texas

TheraVet S.A., spécialiste des maladies ostéo-articulaires pour les petits animaux de compagnie, a annoncé aujourd’hui la constitution de sa filiale au Texas et le lancement de ses activités aux États-Unis.

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TheraVet starts its US operations in its Texas-based subsidiary

Gosselies (Wallonia, Belgium) & College Station (Texas, USA), Nov. 7, 2019

TheraVet S.A., the specialist of the osteo-articular diseases of small companion animals, announced today the incorporation of its Texas-based subsidiary and the launch of its activities in the United States of America.

The incorporation of TheraVet USA, earlier this year, was an important milestone for the development of TheraVet activities in the United States of America and the future commercialization of TheraVet products in the North American market. TheraVet USA will help generate early revenue for the company.

In the past 5 years, the US veterinary healthcare market has sustainably grown and is projected to continue to grow with a CAGR of nearly 4% until 2024. With 68% of American households owning a pet and the number of companion dogs estimated at 90 million, North America is the leading market for small companion animals health care.

The first objective of TheraVet USA is to conduct a clinical confirmation study in accordance with the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine standards. The aim of this study is to confirm the safety and efficacy of VISCO-VET, a new generation hyaluronan-based visco-antalgic, in reducing the pain and lameness associated with osteoarthritis in dogs. Current treatments for osteoarthritis in dogs are either limited to pain management (NSAIDs, corticosteroids), without treating the disease itself, or are very invasive (surgery). With VISCO-VET, TheraVet aims to offer a safe, non-invasive and efficacy-proven solution for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

This clinical study, currently in preparation, is a multicentric study, which will be conducted with private and university veterinary practices, among which Texas A&M university and Dr. Brian Saunders, Associate Professor Orthopedic Surgery, Texas A&M University.

The collaboration with Texas A&M, a leading veterinary school in the United States, is  further reinforced by Texas A&M support of TheraVet through a convertible note and the in-licensing by TheraVet of a unique hydrogel implant technology developed by Melissa Grunlan, Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University and Dr. Brian Saunders for osteochondral defect.

« I am confident that TheraVet USA will not only provide further clinical validation for our research and development programs but will as well create exciting new market opportunities » commented Enrico Bastianelli, Chief Executive Officer of TheraVet.

Brett Cornwell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Commercialization, Texas A&M University, added that « The clinical research relationship with TheraVet highlights the capability and interest of the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences to work with companies to test novel products that can benefit animal patients.”

The launch of TheraVet activities in the US has been made possible by the facilitating roles -financial – of SOFINEX, a Walloon funding agency whose mission is to help the development of Walloon companies on the international landscape and – organizational – of the Open Worldwide Innovation Network (OWIN®), an Association of Governments, Universities, and Trade Agencies dedicated to facilitating start-ups and technology commercialization.

About TheraVet

TheraVet is a vet company created in November 2017 by Enrico Bastianelli, MD, MBA, and based in Gosselies, Belgium. The company specializes in the treatment of osteo-articular diseases in small companion animals, such as dogs, using a portfolio of biological and synthetic products. TheraVet currently has two product lines in its pipeline: BIOCERA-VET, a line of synthetic injectable self-hardening high porosity calcium-phosphate bone void fillers and VISCO-VET, a versatile line of hyaluronan-based visco-antalgics with anti-inflammatory and pro-regenerative properties, also developed in a PRP-like (VV-PRP) version.

About OWIN®

The Open Worldwide Innovation Network™, Inc. (OWIN®) was created with the main objective to provide worldwide network, to expand global innovations and foster entrepreneurship. OWIN® is a non-profit international networking membership association that builds on the successes of its members and their trusted relationships. It is inspired by a joint partnership between Texas A&M Technology Commercialization (TTC) in College Station, Texas; the Wallonia Foreign Trade and Export Agency (AWEX) in Walloon, Belgium; Coway International TechTrans Co., Ltd (COWAY) in Beijing, China; and Trade and Investment Queensland Australia (TiQ) in Queensland, Australia.


SOFINEX is a walloon public company created in 2003 whose mission is to encourage exports and investments abroad like setting up of new subsidiary throughout the world. The supported projects must generate positive benefits for economic activity and employment in Wallonia. The global means of SOFINEX are 165 million €.

About Texas A&M University

Texas A&M opened its doors in 1876 as the state’s first public institution of higher learning. The university stands as a research-intensive flagship veterinary university. Located in the heart of the Houston-Dallas-Austin triangle and within a two-hour drive of 26 million of the state’s 28 million residents, Texas A&M’s main campus in College Station is home to more than 69,000 students.


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